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Our Company

Based on the experience gained in over a decade in deployment, steering and operation of cemeteries and burial urns, crematoriums and plans, principally in terms of the optimization of management of the Operational Routines of branch, the Vilatec is a company specialized in the development of technologies applied to the funeral sector.

We have extensive experience in the orientation and deployment of processes and operational management of funeral routines. Our portfolio covers since machines and equipment, passing through software services and automation in addition and development of specialized products for the funeral sector services, having as main focus cemeteries, with a possibility to be in parks or vertical.

Thus, we understand deeply all difficulties, obstacles and yearnings of the sector, a fact that accredit us and motivates always develop solutions for easy deployment, viable and efficient that can provide fast economic and environmental gains in an effective and practical way.

We have a team of expert in the most different areas of technology, specialized in product development, projects for funerals as well as the deployment and operation of cemeteries, crematoriums and related.

The Vilatec has in its two directors specialists in necropolis with vast experience in the branch, acting as facilitators of the unification of the expertise of the team in the interests of innovation and technological development.

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Company Board

Heber Vila – Diretor
Engenheiro Civil
Especialista em projeto de necrópoles

Guilherme Lithg – Diretor
Administrador de Empresas
Analista de Sistemas
Acadêmico em Engenharia Civil
Técnico em Mecânica