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Automation software

Management, control and automation software.
SIGA software (a type of Intelligent System of Management and Automation).

Due to latent need of control of operational processes and portfolio of customers, by the lack of a specific software for this purpose, we set out for the development of an own technology that met in general the technical requirements involved in the system No-leak.

In this way arose the SIGA, an advanced system that not only allows the control of the burials, removals, exhumations,

but which also manages 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the hydraulic and electrical systems and gas exchange of Loculi and ossuaries.

Control Areas:
Control of gases and filters, control of openings of deposits and ossuaries, control of exhumations, burial control, sales control, control of the shift change, control of funeral, stock control, of inputs, control of death certificates and DO (scanned), billing control and various management reports, the same allowing complete management of operational routines of the cemetery.




if it is of interest of the city, the Vilatec assign, no charge license, to use the software here described in by the graveyard of Santo Amaro.