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Creation, Assembly or enhancement of Crematoria and Chapels of ceremony

We were pioneers in the crematoriums in the States of Rio grande do norte and Pernambuco, in this way we have great experience with this type of enterprise. We hold a wide expertise not only in the physical part (lay out of building and chapels), but also in the routines of operation, administration and maintenance of crematoria, as well as orientation and follow-up of burning tests in compliance the requirements of licensing bodies referred to crematorium.

We provide guidance in the training of the attendants and sellers, about service routines (how to offer the service, outline of objections, frequently asked questions, etc.),

as well as in necessary routines to proceed cremations in bodies with prostheses, pacemaker, metal urns, jewelry etc. Orientate also in the preparation of forms and required documentation to the care the legal routines as well as internal control both the immediate use as the preventive sale (future use).

We provide all the equipment necessary to mount the chapel of the funeral, including automation system that controls autonomously the doors, tables of recollection of the body, rain of rose petals, lighting, sound, projection of images and special effects with the injection of the glycerine smoke (dry ice). We also offer support for Assembly of an exclusive ceremony with the delivery of ashes, a type of ceremony that doesn’t exist in most crematoriums of the country, thus constituting a huge differential in the face of competition.