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We have developed a highly efficient modulated project for ossuaries, the same promotes the hermetic guard of the mortal remains, without allowing the humidity entrance and eliminating the possibility of leakage of odors and insect proliferation, that normally accompany the remains.

The ossuaries are manufactured in fibre glass with glazed finishes on Gel Coat and embedded in the structure of carbon steel with painting epoxy of 120 microns, a fact that ensures high longevity for corrosion.

The lid can be made of granite, marble, or glass, a fact that ensures versatility that fits any architectural project.

The cost of these ossuaries is its biggest attraction, because its simple and modular design allows the same to be installed quickly for such offer ready-made modules as well as training and technical support for the operation and maintenance of the same, thus not requiring high investments, allowing them to acquire the ossuaries as they sells, fact that makes this product self-financing and especially not impacting the cash flow.

Another great attraction of this project is the possibility of “partial” construction of modules for sale in the “future use” modality, once that just need to install the module “ossuaries without drawers” i.e., without the need to acquire immediately the fiber loculi, these will only be installed at the time of placement of the remains, in other words, the ossuary can be sold the ready, but only with the investing of the “Simple Module “. This way the unit cost become irrelevant front the final sale value, causing the profitability is extremely attractive.



With an exceptional ability to optimization of the physical space, up to 80 units per m², this type of ossuary besides efficient is quite economical, once the same just needs an level floor, dispensing the construction of any structure in masonry, stone or concrete.

Along with the structures boxes are supplied for bones manufactured in fiberglass with finishing vitrified in Gelcoat, material which guarantees no-leak and huge longevity to the product.

These boxes after being filled with the mortal remains, are forwarded to the Ossuary burial cabinets), where they will be properly “docked” in their respective address.

The metallic structures made of carbon steel form a self-supporting system with coverage that protects from the Sun and rain, the same receives a painting in epoxy of 6microns, fact that guarantees high longevity without corrosion.

Family ossuaries

With capacity of 03 to 06 remains are more attractive to the public, since the majority of the ossuaries of the market behave less remains, this new model allows the remains of several members of the same family remain together in a single place, fact that pleases very much the families, since the same ones didn’t need to occupy more than one address at the same cemetery, facilitating in a significant way the location of the addresses and the visits to their loved ones.

Sealing system of the ossuaries

With the purpose of avoiding the proliferation of insects and odors, our Ossuaries have an efficient sealing system. Performed through the application of a special polymeric that doesn’t crack and has the capacity to absorb the coefficient of dilation of the entire system, in other words, the risk of leaks by retraction is null.

Aesthetic finishing of the ossuaries

In order to promote an exceptional aesthetic finish, over the fiberglass cover hermetically closed, put a stone of “Synthetic Granite” this material replaces the conventional granite, but with two major advantages:

  • 30% cheaper;
  • 20% lighter;
  • Ecologically correct, since approximately 30% of its composition is of Pet Bottles recycled


The cost of these ossuaries is its biggest attraction, because its simple and modular design allows the same to be installed quickly, we offer ready-made modules as well as training and technical support for the operation and maintenance of the same. Thus not demanding of high investments, allowing them to acquire the ossuaries to the measure of need.

The system of the type “mixed Box” modules with only 8,5 m² composed by 48 Individual and 64 family ossuaries, optimizing space and promoting sophistication to the enterprise.

Construction of the ossuaries modules with a capacity of 7,840 units between individual ossuaries and family, occupying only 595m², the same allocated to the internal structure of the retaining wall located in the cemetery Morada da Paz – PE / Brazil.


Practial application

Another big difference is that both the modules of drawers as the ossuaries have the same measures (3.5 x 3.00 x 2.60 m), in other words, the architectural design just needs to distribute these modules in the area to be built. However without the obligation to install only drawers or just ossuaries, such decisions may be made later according to the commercial necessity of each enterprise.

The assembly of the modules is extremely fast in relation to the conventional systems, a set of 400 drawers and more than 2.000 ossuaries are mounted in only 08 (eight) days. Eco No-leak System modulate where the only necessary civil work is the floor. 200 drawers installed in only 05 days.


Aesthetic closing with the use of Eco Vilatec Granite, besides be sustainable is 30% cheaper and 20% lighter.





Advantages of the system

In addition to the enormous aesthetic and technological gain that the project executed with the modules No-leak provide Highlight some features which are of paramount importance and we explained to proceed:

  • Space optimization, since in the same area where there are only 03 deposits (3.00m x 2.60m) it is possible the installation of up to 21 drawers or 64 family ossuaries or even 178 double ossuaries, fact that means a yield of the ground at least 700% higher, fact of paramount importance if we take into account the great scarcity of space in urban areas a fact of paramount importance if we take into account the great scarcity of space in urban areas.
  • Cemetery aesthetically ready with low investment, as the project of the Eco no-leak drawers allows the inclusion of the fiberglass locule in a process of 5 minute, these can be placed only at the time of burial, not requiring the purchase of the same for the finalisation of the design of the cemetery. Thus, with only a small stock it will be possible to operationalize the cemetery, in other words, will only be installed the “bark” of ecological granite, the drawers will be only installed when the existence of death, a fact that enables an exceptional profitability when the sales of preventive.
  • The end of the Contamination of the air and soil, with constructive project contemplating the implantation of the no-leak system of BioSafe burial, which was discussed in detail in this descriptive memorial. It is clear the enormous efficiency of the same regarding aspects of emission of pollutants in relation to the traditional burial systems.
  • Opening and burials until five times faster, since for the operation of a burial in this model of drawers (no-leak), there are no operations of civil order, in other words, it is not necessary to execute opening by the excavation of the deposits, prepare mortar for closing and not separate multiple materials and tools essential to the work of openness and burial of conventional drawers.
  • Cost for burial until 15 times lower, that due to the unique feature of the proposed project, since the same requires only one man (ceremonialist/gravedigger) to the whole process of openess, burial and closing the drawer. Due to the roller system that make up the table lifting body platform, the insertion of the coffin is extremely fast, smooth and easy requiring only one person. In this process of burying the time is also saved in a sensitive manner, since the whole ceremony of burial is completed in approximately 10 minutes, a fact which is opposed to 50 minutes’ average traditional burial where normally are used 03 (three) employees and several materials and tools.
  • Ecologically correct, the modules are built with the use of composite materials of a large quantity of recycled products (PET). Also the absence of contaminants from the air and soil, makes the project ecologically sustainable extremely efficient, which provides a great commercial gains front to competitors which do not use the same technology.
  • Absence of location for the procreation of insects, once the project of the modules is characterized by straight lines without protruding details or platforms that allow the placement of ornaments or artificial plants, so that these became in true breeding of insects. There are also not “gaps” or holes, thus eliminating the possibility of pests (rats, cockroaches, scorpions, etc.) take shelter inside the drawers.